Meet Our Team

Dr. Nalini Rajamannan

Nalini Rajamannan, MD

Medical Director and Cardiologist
Dr. Rajamannan’s goal is to work with your personal physician to provide out-patient consultative specialized cardiology services in the fields of valvular medicine, and primary and secondary prevention of heart disease. Read more…

Timely Support

Our practice has access to timely scheduling of outpatient consultations. The initial consultations in the office will include a half day consultation to discuss your history, examination and review of your diagnostic imaging studies.

Innovative Ideas

We will combine the diagnosis, therapeutic and prevention strategies to optimize your overall cardiac health from the initial visit to the treatment with standard medical therapies to slow the progression of disease.

Advanced Technology

We will combine echocardiography, carotid thickness imaging, CT, and Cardiac MRI as non-invasive imaging strategies to diagnose and determine the cause of the patient’s symptoms in collaboration with our consultative partners to assure that each patient receives the state of the art services.

Clear Communication

Our team of physician and nurses will provide answers to questions and clear explanations of the diagnosis and therapies. We will ensure each patient understands the medications and the possible side effects to optimize the medical therapy for our patients.